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Designer / Artist:

Jason Liebgott's vision of developing designs came to him at an early age.  Jason has always been a hands on experience individual, which inspired him to not only learn to design homes but to gain hands on building experience as well.

"Thank you for considering LH Designs for your next design or project.  Since the start of my design company, I have always envisioned a company that puts my clients first.  I treat every job the same, no matter the size of the project. I can assure each client the design and level of professionalism that they expect."

"Even if you are browsing for ideas, give us a call and we can help get you set on the right path, too bring your project to life."

Best Regards,  Jason Liebgott
His eagerness to strive forward, to create unique designs, and willingness to work with contractors hand in hand, just makes perfect sense for your next project!  
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Services we Provide:

- Home  Design Plans 

- 3-D Designs and Renderings

- Custom Home Designs

- Office and Restaurant Infill Designs

- CAD Drafting


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