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Welcome, To LH Designs a locally owned and operated home design business in Chico.  LH Designs was established in 2002 by designer and artist Jason Liebgott.  Jason’s focus is to create clean designs with artistic characteristics that are soft and natural. Jason's interest in art and design led to further education in drafting and home design. Jason also has hand on building experience, an added benefit when it comes to providing design and building plans. He will work with your contactor through the design and planning phase.

Sence Jason's dream of owning a home design business came to reality. Jason has since gone on to design over 600 individual projects and buildings plans for, restaurant and bar infills, custom homes, mid-sized homes, tiny homes, and additions.

LH Designs
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Serving Northern California for 20 Years
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3D Photo Renderings by:
Stratos Zolotas Greece
Photos provided  by:
Bear Creek Contractors Inc.
​Working with,
 "Videomaker" project  

Engineering and plans provided by:  

Tom Manning Engineering
Design by: Jason Liebgott

Hand Renderings by: Jason Liebgott      (pictures coming soon)

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